Holy Smokes started with Frank Lee Fabulous and Erik Preston, two guitar player-artists from Columbus, Ohio, who went to High School and fought in the same backyard wrestling league together (Columbus Championship Wrestling). Using the grungy, homespun values cultivated through running a wrestling federation, they look at live performance as just that, a performance. They are interested in giving the audience a show, whether it be executing bad ass stage kicks,  or going on inspired comedic improvisations in places there would normally be boring guitar solos. They believe in sound rock and roll, and their repertoire of licks and progressions is much too traditional and cliché to be employed as anything other than lovingly ironic. They create music in the vein of all the great American rock and roll, from Little Richard to Papa Roach, and sharing the same glorious imperfections. Their songs are explorations, using melody and lyric as vessels to plunge deeply into the present moment for the purposes of bringing unifying good energy to all witnesses. They believe in inclusiveness, in old-fashioned dance moves like the Swim, the Bird, The Mashed Potato, the Bony Marony. They hope their music has a similar psychic choreography to it as any of those great hits.


Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Frank Lee Fabulous
Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals / Erik Preston
Guitar / Justin Kirk
Drums / Scott Kapuscinski





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The Loft Tapes

by Holy Smokes